The Rebel Universe

It all started in 2007 as a community and network for creative souls such as artists, musicians, designers, film makers, cultural activists, web designers, and event makers. ArtRebels has since then evolved into four amazing companies all growing each year. The common denominator for everything we do at ArtRebels is our undying passion for supporting, promoting and sharing creative and cultural talent. Our overall mission is to create opportunities for both upcoming and established micro entrepreneurs and social projects.

ArtRebels artists from left to right: CRD, Hedof,Nynne Rosenvinge, Michelle Carlslund is our curated web shop community for handpicked artists and visual designers from around the world. We focus on finding and collaborating with both established and new talents. Remember when you shop at ArtRebels you support individual talents. promotes talent and shares inspiration, as do our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profiles. Our aim is to create Scandinavia's leading online community for art and visual design.

If you would like to submit your artwork for consideration please send an email to:

When you buy products from, the purchased product will be shipped directly from our individual store owners. This means that you will have to pay shipping costs in relation to where the store owner is located. Our store owners are obliged to send orders within 5 days of your purchase. That way you will receive your artwork as fast as possible.

If you require any help our FAQ section should hopefully be able to answer your questions, you can view that HERE

Rebel Agency

Photo Bobby Anwar

Rebel Agency is our creative communication agency. We bring brands to life by always finding new and exciting ways of getting people to connect with them. Our clients include IKEA, Nordisk Film, Hummel, The Municipality of Copenhagen, Red Cross, S-tog and many more.

We always try to push the boundaries of strategic communication and insist on creating innovative and exciting ways if connecting people, movements and brands. At Rebel Agency we don't believe in advertising - we believe in creating culture and valuable experiences that seek to inspire and excite people!

Trailerpark Festival

Photo Helena Lundquist

Trailerpark Festival is our annual music and arts festival. It transpired in the summer of 2007 as a party for a few hundred people in an empty warehouse in Copenhagen. Since it has grown into one of Denmark's most influential and colorful music and arts festivals welcoming thousands each year.

We have always taken pride in its ability to present artists and musicians at a point in their careers where we can push them closer to a mainstream breakthrough - as has been the case with acts like Vinnie Who, Oh Land, Sleep Party People, Specktors, Mike Sheridan, and many more. Our audience knows that the Trailerpark bill is a strong reference for what to expect of great new acts and musical trends in the following years.

The Trailerpark Art team always represent some of the most current and relevant young artists. In collaboration with the artists we decorate the festival area in unique and inspiring ways. One-off works of art are produced especially for each festival and design-groups transform old trailers into otherworldly hangout places for the audiences. Besides Art and visual design we also feature outstanding scenographics and light designs - peaking with one of the first ever 3D interactive scenographies in 2012, a collaboration between the Danish based Dark Matters, Hvass & Hannibal and Arkitektur Ministeriet. Over the years we've presented artists like HuskMitNavn, Anika Lori, Shft, Basco5, Ultra Grøn, Phucisme, TTC, Chifumi among many others.


Rebel Academy

Rebel Academy was established in 2011 in collaboration with Erhvervsstyrelsen (Danish Business Authority) to inspire and support creative and cultural entrepreneurship.

We live in challenging times and perhaps now, more than ever, we need to come together to strengthen the global economy. Rebel Academy is taking an active role by helping shape a better and brighter future for creative and cultural entrepreneurs. 2013 is an ambitious year for Rebel Academy and we initiate 3 new important projects: Rebel Talks, Rebel Times and Young Rebels (educational programme for students).

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